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To streamline their inventory and product management systems, we worked together with Muxsan to develop a range of products that help them spend more time designing the next generation of electric-vehicle battery systems, and less time digging through spreadsheets.

We've built a distributed system of services around a robust yet simple single-sign-on architecture which supports both internal and the OAuth2 OpenId Connect framework for authentication, which gives colleagues access to an Enterprise Resource Planning application, and a system for building customized battery firmware bytecode based on user-provided options.

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The Teaching Assistant Assistant Reactive System takes the burden out of managing large courses with lots of students and teaching assistants, with a suite of tools purpose-built to reduce workflow friction.

Offers organized grading, assignment performance statistics, automated intelligent preference-based student-group initialization, seamless GitHub integration, and more. TAARS has a proven track-record of success with managing large-scale university courses with over 300 active students, taking the burden away from administrators.

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A digital solution to the growing burden of documentation that schools in the Netherlands can face, DigiOPP offers a fully-online suite of tools for managing secure student documents, in a way that's more convenient for educators and students alike.

DigiOPP users gain access to a wealth of functionality, from completely customizable document formats, to interactive PDF and Word exports, to secure digital document signing and transferring of ownership. All of this, in a secure, scalable environment that's built on trusted, state-of-the-art technologies, meaning zero down-time, zero delays, and zero hassle.

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Giving Back

At Gyrobian, we believe that the future of a free and open internet (and by extension, world) depends on how we support the open-source projects and communities that make it possible.

That's why we're doing our best to give back to those that helped build our success. Here are some examples of what we're doing to contribute:

While we are trying our best to improve the communities that support our efforts, this can't be done alone (or even by one company), so we wholeheartedly encourage you to consider volunteering your time to some of these projects; every line of code counts!