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Gyrobian was founded on the first of June, 2020, by Andrew Lalis and Zino Holwerda, although this date can be better interpreted as just a formality, because both of us have been in the business of software design and engineering since we began our higher education.

What started out as simple automation projects and piece-work solutions quickly grew into something larger. After the initial success of TAARS in managing courses for the University of Groningen, we expanded further to apply our experience to a wider range of applications.

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Hailing from the epicenter of Frisian culture, Zino began his formative years with a technically-oriented primary education, and brought this experience to good use in his several years of software development experience with PHP web frameworks, while at the same time helping others around him to enlightenment as a teaching assistant for the University of Groningen.

Today, Zino is focused on the networking and low-level software infrastructure that forms the backbone of every successful business, and develops toolchains for automated delivery of our software products.

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Originally from the great state of California, Andrew began his foray into the fields of computer science, embedded systems design, and software engineering with a modest start in the early 2010's. Building neat little Raspberry Pi systems in your garage with interactive web-based controls can only take you so far though.

It's been a long time already since those days, and Andrew now has several years of professional software development and engineering experience, with an interest in optimizing database schemas for real-world applications. He's an Oracle Certified Java SE Developer, and now enjoys spending his time working on a healthy mixture of enterprise-level Java development, and bare-metal embedded scripting.

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